Lip Micropigmentation (coming soon)

Lip micropigmentation is a semi –permanent cosmetic procedure whereby you can have the effects of wearing lipstick without the hassle of applying it, smudging it and reapplying it throughout the day.

Lip micropigmentation gives the illusion of fullness rather than adding actual volume into the lips like fillers do. This treatment also helps to restore a youthful definition to a fading lip, transform and enhance thin or uneven lips.

How do you choose the colour for the lip micropigmentation?

We like to take conservative approach. You want a shade that is wearable during the day and at night. Subtle colours can always be gradually enhanced over time. However bold and bright shades are also available for the more adventurous clients.

How long does lip micropigmentation last?

It depends on the depth of colour, your metabolic rate and lifestyle, also skin care regime. On average it is 1-3 years.

I am prone to cold sores- can I have lip micropigmentation done?

If you are prone to cold sores, you should take antiviral medication before the treatment and after the treatment. Please ask your GP for prescription.

Is there any aftercare required?

Yes, for one week you will need to follow aftercare instructions given to you and explained during your appointment.

How do lips look like straight after the treatment?

The colour looks extremely rich for few days after the treatment. About a week later the colour becomes about 50% less intense. So if you find yourself thinking that the colour looks too bright-please don’t be alarmed and wait for the healing process to be completed.

I have lip fillers; can I get lips micropigmentation done?

Yes, you can indeed, we recommend to wait at least 8 weeks after having fillers done.

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